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Laloo on the Boardwalk...
Image of Laloo Lindsey, founder of Lindsey Creamery.

The family business has been on-going since 1926.  Started by Laloo and Addie Lindsey, it was passed down over the years to Randall and then Greg.

Greg has decided, even though he has been designing professional websites for over 15 years, to finally start one for Lindsey Foods.  It started as simply a way to move his Fleet Maintenance program from a stand-alone computer and placing it on-line so his drivers could file paperwork through their smart phones.  As he progressed, he realized that placing the history of Lindsey Foods on-line would be a wonderful thing to do since it is almost 100 years old.

In the future, Greg will allow customers to order on-line.

The Old Lindsey Creamery...
Prior to 1970, Lindsey Foods, Inc, was actually Lindsey Creamery.  Located just off of Main Street, this location served it's purpose since 1950.  Prior to that, the plant was located to the south of the current location, just west of Coca Cola.  To the west of that facility, was a motel owned by Laloo and Addie Lindsey.  It was a drive up to your hotel room and sleep type of place.  This is where Randall was raised.

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